Diversity Day

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Diversity Day

Diversity Day was celebrated at St. Frances Cabrini Academy during Catholic Schools Week. Students in the school could wear any article of clothing that might have been worn in the country of their heritage. It was a day to celebrate who they are and all of their gifts!

Sr. Kathleen Koennen Interviews on Allman in the Morning Show!

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Speaker Jones is joined by Sister Katheleen Koennen of the English Tutoring Project.

It is the mission of the ETP to provide on-site assistance to refugee or immigrant families seeking to gain a better grasp of the English language.

ETP Featured in The Messenger

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Check out the Missouri Catholic Conference’s January 2017 issue of “The Messenger.” It’s all about English Tutoring Project!!!


Places – a poem from Lam T, 2016 Poet Laureate

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There’s a place.

A place with a diluted sense of reality,

and streaming hatred for the differences that reigns inside all of us.

A place where a mirror is a sharp dagger, and a number means more than anything.

A place where ignorance roams and knowledge is chained.

There’s a place.

A place where love radiates throughout the field.

A place where bravery and self-love is encouraged,

and where our differences are accepted.

A place where trees are grown and fish aren’t poisoned.

There are places inside all of us.

There are places in the world.

Lam T, 2016 Poet Laureate

Lam T, 2016 Poet Laureate

Lam T, 2016 Poet Laureate

Lam T was a seventh grade student of Vietnamese heritage who attended our program in K-2 at St. Frances Cabrini. She entered a poem in the 7GPoetry contest and won first place for the school. The 7GP contest organization published the poem in their annual anthology of poetry.

Fall Poems…

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Autumn leaves are…
Red like an apple growing on a tree,
Yellow like a star in the sky at night time when I’m asleep,
Brown like chocolate candy in a factory.
Orange like a pumpkin pail on the table.
Autumn leaves swirl all around.

By Rickya, Gr. 5, St. Frances Cabrini Academy

Autumn leaves are….
Red like the apple seeds my dad plants in our backyard,
Orange like the lanterns I make for Chinese New Year,
Yellow like the yellow colored pencils in the classroom.
Leaves falling from the trees while looking at the glimmering sunset.

By Tommy, Gr. 5, St. Stephen Protomartyr

Cinquain Poetry

Gold, orange
Floating, spinning, twirling,
Today I see them

By Alondra, Gr. 3, St. Stephen Protomartyr

Brown, crunchy
Growing, picking, crushing
They make soy sauce.

By Giau, Gr. 3, St. Stephen Protomartyr

Poems from 4th Grade

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Ripe, busy

Gather, pick, celebrate

It’s food for winter.


Anthony —— Grade 4


Fast, rough

Defend, run, tackle

They score a touchdown.


Grade 4


Bumpy, heavy

Roll, sit, glow

We make pumpkin pie.


Nataly —— Grade 4


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TVinterviewOn August 15, 2013, The English Tutoring Project was interviewed by host Sarah Bernard for STL-TV, a cable access channel
providing informational television programs to the residents of the City of St. Louis. Sr. Rosemary and Board Member Maureen DePriest discussed the history and mission of the ETP and described the services and collaborative nature of the program. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight the ETP’s contribution and the “Good News” of Catholic education in our city. Our program identifies and helps children succeed in the classroom by removing the language barrier and enabling them to receive the blessing of a Christ-centered, Catholic education.



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Learning about syllables for young students can be both fun and easy when combined with poetry.

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry consisting of 3 lines and 17 syllables –  and usually about something in nature.

Line 1 — 5 syllables

Line 2 — 7 syllables

Line 3 — 5 syllables

Grades 4-8 had fun reviewing syllables, but also used the Haiku as part of their lesson on Literary forms and Figurative language.  Here are some Haiku Poems from Grades 3-8 on nature.


Three red cardinals

Sitting on a picket fence

Communicating                        ————   Tommie, Grade 5


A day on the farm

Three birds perched on a mailbox

A surprise awaits                 ——— Adjoa, Grade 4


A curious bird

Peering in the gray mailbox

Like someone lonely.            ——Marie,   Grade 6


A windy evening

Beautiful orange sunset

A time to relax      …………. Cesar,  Grade 5

St. Louis Review Article

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Project helps immigrant students master English

Submitted on November 19, 2014
Joseph Kenny | | twitter: @josephkenny2
William Nieto waited impatiently to catch the attention of his teacher, Sister Joyce Schramm. As soon as he did, the kindergartner rushed to her to demonstrate his ability to pronounce sounds of the letters and say the words matched to the symbols on an alphabet chart.

When he completed the assignment nearly flawlessly, William went a step further, showing Sister Joyce that he had expanded on his lessons.

With his index finger pointed to his eye, he said: “This is eye — e.”

After only a couple months of the school year, the kindergarten students in the English Tutoring Project at Holy Trinity School in St. Ann already are reading words and making booklets they bring home. Sister Joyce, a Sister of Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon who tutors William and 17 other students at Holy Trinity in kindergarten, first and third grades, noted that the children are having fun as they learn.

“It’s hard work but so rewarding,” she said.


Nhi, a ETP Success Story

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NhiNhi was Sr. Jane Gegg’s second grade student at Immaculate Heart of Mary. After two years with ETP, she has achieved proficiency and is now a “success story”.

Nhi arrived in St. Louis from Vietnam in May of 2011. Three months later she began first grade at Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

Nhi did not speak English when she arrived in the United States, but that did not hinder her in any way. She quickly excelled in all areas of English language acquisition—reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

She did not hesitate to attempt to speak English with her classmates and teachers and she was not afraid to make mistakes. She fervently and continuously practiced her reading, writing and spelling skills. After several months, she brought her first grade reading book to her teacher and said. “This too easy!”

Nhi has an amazing enthusiasm and energy for learning and life. Her current teacher says, “Nhi is doing great this year and is one of the best students in the class. She participates well, adds to classroom discussions, and is well-liked among her classmates.”

Nhi has adjusted well to the American culture and is also very proud of her homeland country of Vietnam. During her second grade year of school, she learned about the Japanese poetry form called Haiku, which is a short poem consisting of 17 syllables.